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The ratio of rehabilitation and habilitation of disabled people


Rehabilitation and habilitation of people with disabilities are of paramount importance at the international and domestic levels of modern states, the goals of which are: compensation for disability due to health conditions, ensuring equality of opportunities for disabled people, as well as maintaining maximum independence. The validity of the topic is due to its social and legal significance, the identification of rehabilitation and habilitation measures in practice, the insufficient level of implementation of the main directions of habilitation and rehabilitation, which leads to a diminution of the rights and freedoms of people with disоabilities. The subject of study is the main scientific approaches to the essence and legal nature of habilitation and rehabilitation. The purpose of work is a comprehensive study of legal nature and basic approaches of rehabilitation and habilitation measures from the perspective of international standards, foreign sources, as well as omissions of the modern law enforcement system. The tasks are presented by analyzing the legal nature of habilitation and rehabilitation from the perspective of international and domestic law. The work uses the logical, formal-legal method and system analysis method. The results of work are to identify the actual theoretical and practical problems of the relationship between the definitions of rehabilitation and habilitation, which is due to their insufficient differentiation. This work is valuable for further legal protection of persons with disabilities due to the establishment of basic principles for expanding their opportunities in the field of rehabilitation and habilitation. As a result of study, a conclusion is presented on the need for comprehensive improvement of sectoral legislation, which will increase the effectiveness of the protection of the rights of disabled people.


rehabilitation, habilitation, rehabilitation and habilitation theories, protection of the rights of disabled people, social protection of disabled people

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General theory and history of law and the state

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