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Legal and other related aspects on the issue of providing medical care to cancer patients in conditions of risks of spreading and countering coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and its strains: “at the junction” of professional views and experience


A lively interest in the topic of the real state of affairs in the field of healthcare, regarding the determination of the level of cancer incidence in Russia, the search and development of fundamental and progressive approaches to the tactics of treating cancer patients, the quality of palliative care, and even during a situation associated with a high level incidence of COVID-19 and acute respiratory viral infections, can hardly be questioned in terms of substantiating its relevance. The subject of the study is the modern system of providing medical care to cancer patients, from the point of view of legal regulation and medical practice, existing and predicted “pros” and “cons”. Tasks: to prove the relevance of the problem in the quantitative and statistical aspect, to reveal common and special characteristic elements (“traits”), to identify risks, legal bases and their assessment, the most successful legal solutions in the appropriate direction, as well as to draw practice-oriented conclusions, and, first of all, related to the adoption of a new departmental order for the provision of medical care in Russia in the field of “oncology” from January 2022. In a methodological way, the empirical method of analysis, the method of synthesizing “legal matters” that define and provide a system of care for cancer patients in modern conditions of countering coronavirus infection, is quite actively used. The results obtained will be interesting for studying and taking into account in the environments of medical and legal communities interested in similar or related topics in rethinking, contrasting, developing scientific and medical legal, special, expert and other views and hypotheses.


cancer patient, COVID-19, medical care system for cancer patients, palliative care, oncological neglect, medical examination, departmental order, responsibility limits of medical specialist, deadly interdependence

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General theory and history of law and the state

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