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Were reviewed the points of view of native thinker and social personality XIX century B.N. Chicherin on the problem of human’s dignity. B.N. Chicherin in his creation experienced significant influence of representatives of German classical philosophy of I. Kant and G.V.F. Hegel which reflected on pithy aspects of his concept of dignity of human’s personality. Metaphysical thoughts of B.N. Chicherin about the nature of human served as an important theoretical background for forming the recommendations on rational reforming of social and political arrangement in Russia. At the present many thoughts of B.N. Chicherin on this theme did not lose its actuality and theoretical meaningfulness despite the significant changes of the way of life of Russian citizens, occurring as a result of processes of globalization and modernization. The main sense is in critical thinking of thoughts of B.N. Chicherin about the dignity of the human, presented in different his works. For B.N. Chicherin cardinal question was the question of delineating of civil and political rights. He recognized the civil rights as the rights that directly stem from human’s dignity, from our status of free and clever beings. Besides, we should not refuse these rights as a precondition for our participation in public life. B.N. Chicherin was sure that political rights despite the fact that they are stemed in metaphysical freedom of people, historically appeared only after were stated civil rights in modern states. That is why political rights are connected with our position of free, clever creatures: they express culmination in trajectory of development of idea of human’s dignity in history.


B.N. Chicherin; philosophy of history; Russian history; dignity of a human; freedom; metaphysics; morality; right; mind; personality; society; church; state

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Social history of russia

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