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Analysis of Quality and State Tourist Stream from the People's Republic of China


In article authors proved the quality and condition of tourist flow from the People's Republic of China to Russia. According to Rosstat, in 2017 the flow of tourists from the People's Republic of China increased by 15% in relation to 2016 and made 1.48 million trips and won first place by quantity of entrance trips to our country, considerably having outstripped Finland (781 thousand trips), Poland (556 thousand trips) and Germany (500 thousand trips). However, a quantitative question is not the most important because one hundred thousands of tourists from the People's Republic of China get service in the Russian Federation by the principle of «the closed gray schemes» when the volume of the financial means coming in a type of tax to the budget of Russia for service of this category of tourists far does not meet expectations. According to the experts, the mainstream of tour operators of the People's Republic of China on decrease in expenses leads to the fact that not accredited companies or individuals serve tourists in defiance of the Russian legislation. At the same time, interested persons from among foreigners present low-quality service within «gray schemes» for norm of tourist services in Russia. In the analysis of current situation authors allocated problems which need to be solved at the market of the Russian-Chinese tourism: the closed Chinese ethnic shadow structures which have an opportunity to evade from declaring of the main volumes of activity formed; there is a decline in quality of service and the Chinese wealthy tourists seldom plan travel to Russia; there is a degradation of tourist routes and cultural devaluation of subjects to display. The most part of tourist flow of citizens of the People's Republic of China who come as a part of organized groups within the Agreement between Russia and the People's Republic of China on visa-free trips. Thus, «prosperous» Chinese tourist traffic ignores Russia, the Chinese tour operators of Russia assigned a part of the «cheap» country with services of poor quality. The quantitative and qualitative structure of tourist flow from the People's Republic of China defines it.


Chinese tourists, tourist flow, experts, quality service, market monopolizations

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Socio-Cultural Processes of the Present

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