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Typology and evolution of society as sociological concept of H. Spencer


The sociological views of H. Spencer are considered. H. Spencer’s interpretation of essence of society through the prism of the concepts of social realism and social nominalism. We analyze organicist approach of English thinker to the society, in which H. Spencer compares the society with the organism, highlighting the general and particular characteristics of these entities. The basic concepts of evolution H. Spencer as a methodological basis of the scientific study of the process of growth of society and the transformation of social functions over time are described and assessed. Particular attention is given to the typology of societies proposed by H. Spencer, which allows specifying the starting and ending points of social evolution. We offer an overall assessment of the contribution of the British scientist to the formation of a scientific approach to the study of society; highlight the most characteristic features of his views. In addition, we are trying to evaluate the role of the ideas of H. Spencer in the development of some modern paradigms of sociology.


social realism; social nominalism; society; organicism; evolutionism; functionalism; social evolution; military society; industrial society

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Section of issue

Questions of theory and methodology

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