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State policy in the field of public health reformation in one of the most difficult and least studied periods in the history of Russia of XX century - the middle 1940-s - early 1950 is reviewed. On the basis of modern scientific trends and approaches an attempt of analysis and evaluation of reforms of the national public health system, conducted in the reviewed period, depending on the social order is presented. The change of the legal structure of the institutes of public health is reviewed, the peculiarities of public health planning in the conditions of command-administrative methods of management and ideological diktat in science is presented. A great work associated with the study of archival documents, analysis of legal acts is done. A regional component is presented, the work is done on the materials of the North-West region of Russia. It is emphasized that the historical experience and lessons for public policy the middle 1940-s - early 1950, associated with the recovery of the economy and healthcare after World War II, can be used today, especially because the task of adapting the health system to new conditions - in the followed period which is very identical to modern. It is concluded that the study of historical aspects of development of national public health, the role and place of medical problems in the daily activities of various national and regional authorities is relevant.


Soviet public health; reformation; historical experience; state legal policy; Ministry of health of the USSR

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614 (2):908




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Social history of russia

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