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One of the hallmarks of modern society is its computerization, which had a significant impact on the system of Russian education in general, and the methodology of foreign language teaching in particular. This work is devoted to determining the properties of didactic and methodical features wiki technologies in order to create speech grammar skills of students. Wiki technology acts as one of the modern Web 2.0 technologies, allowing users who are on an unlimited distance from one another by means of computer networks on the wiki platform to work together to create a single wiki document. Wiki technology has didactic characteristics that allow its use in teaching a foreign language. These properties include: publicity, media, non-linearity, the ability to access the history of the document and hypertext structure. Development of grammatical skills is one of the components of the goal of learning a foreign language in higher school. However, the development of a technique of formation of grammatical skills of speech of students on the basis of wiki-technology will be in direct proportion to its didactic characteristics and methodical functions. In this paper, based on the analysis of studies on the use of wiki technology in learning a foreign language, three characteristics of teaching, playing a pivotal role in the development of students’ grammatical skills based on wiki technology are identified. These include: non-linearity, publicity and access to the history of the wiki documents. The three didactic properties and proposes methodical functions are described in detail.


informatization of language education; wiki; grammar skills; didactic characteristics

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Pedagogy of higher school

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