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The results of research of young families in the Centre of Health are discussed. The results of psychological research in emotional content of behaviour of family conflicts on the basis of the received data was made a conclusion that the inability of the family in the conditions of modern Russia provide to every of the spouse high level of satisfaction with the relations in the members of the spouses in the family. The study of family conflict by different sciences shows the complicated character of this phenomenon. Thus, conflict interaction of the spouses is reviewed as a type are of interest of interaction between husband and wife with the aim of resolving the contradictions existing in the family. The existing research shows the contradictoriness and ambiguity of the views on this problem of the research. In everyday life we often face the phenomenon of research field of family psychology. The analysis of conflict interaction leads to the understanding of complicated character of their interconnection. In the process of conflict communication at different stages the interaction between the husband and wife is realized in different forms and is directed to the accomplishing the different functions. Thereon, insufficient clearness of understanding emotion instability in conditions of modern family and conflict interaction and its difference of conflict in general must be noticed that emotional instable conflict interaction appear as one of the basic elements of conflict which in its turn is one of the means of resolving a conflict. These two characteristics of the process reflect the basic peculiarities of interaction of husband and wife in conflict and serve for its description. Thus, emotional unstable conflict interaction of husband and wife is reviewed as a type constituting the process of direct interaction of married partners.


peculiarities of conflict sides; emotional unstable conflict interaction of husband and wife

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Section of issue

Problems of youth’s socialization in modern world

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