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It is asserted that for the purpose of understanding of the legal life of the society, it is necessary to pay considerable attention to the analysis of those phenomena that are permanently present in all spheres of the life. One of these phenomena is the juridical language. The urgency of the study of the juridical language is determined by the fact that being an element of the legal life, it presents a system in which the language is a mean of realization of the legal and other related life spheres. The purpose is to analyze the peculiarities of the juridical language in conjunction with the legal life. It is pointed out that the juridical language is based on the language of everyday communication, hereupon the grammar and the word stock of the juridical language coincide with the grammatical system and the vocabulary of the everyday language. At that, it is mentioned that the juridical languages of different countries and various historical periods exhibit characteristics distinguishing them from the ordinary written speech. It is emphasized that the positive aspect in the study of the legal language is the fact that different scientific schools take different research approaches to the study of the material, since there are both legal experts and linguists among the researchers. A conclusion is drawn that the legal language is a reflection of the legal life on the whole. Furthermore, the resources of the juridical language originally possess a positive target orientation (to convey an idea to the addressee). Depending on the sphere of performance the set of the resources is changed, while the orientation always remains the same.


juridical language; legal life; law; language; linguistics; terminology

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Civil society and state

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