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THE MONOGRAPH REVIEW: Ilyin A.Y. Urbanization and municipal economy: development of utility infrastructure in provincial centers of Russia (XVIII-XX centuries). Tambov: Publ. house PE Chesnokov A.V., 2016. 228 p


An important aspect of the process of historical development of Russian cities is considered in the monograph. Municipal economy has been the subject of many studies, but the problems of its development studied far from complete. Specific aspects of municipal infrastructure development require a deeper and more detailed analysis. In this paper the author proposes a systematic approach to the integrated study of the urbanization process in the broad chronological framework. The advantage of the book may be called the results of content-analysis of recent scientific literature on the investigated issues. Also of note is the author’s use of different types of historical documents reflecting the history of the city municipal infrastructure. This allowed to justify the conclusion that the movement of municipal economy Russian provincial centers in the direction of the global process of urbanization, but with significant flaws and contradictions inherent to the companies catching up modernization of the character. The book, of course, is innovative and will be useful for specialists in urban history of Russia, municipal employees and other categories of readers


monograph; municipal economy; municipal infrastructure; urbanization; provincial centers; historical documents

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