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Relevance of this research is caused by need for studying the questions connected with influence of the Internet on social needs of users. The purpose of this social research is to study the influence of the Internet on various social needs of users. The main objectives of the research are in the analysis of theoretical approaches to determination of information society, virtualization of society, computer and network communication; in determination of a social portrait of the typical Russian Internet user; in studying the specifics of influence of the environment Internet on various aspects of activity of the person. For the solution of objectives the following methods of collection of information were used: the sociological questionnaire prepared with use of the Google Forms resource; the secondary information provided on the portals by the large agencies and funds of studying public opinion; a method of observation and the analysis of documentation devoted to this perspective. Survey results of modern users of network of different age, residents of the cities and settlements, different in size, different fields of activity for the purpose of identification of their assessment of change of social requirements under impact on the Internet are given. Influence of the Internet on: communication, feeling of danger and risk, feeling of the power and feeling of domination over other people, belonging to a certain group, a labor activity, social and economic activity, popularity, the choice of services, recognition, education is considered. Survey results reveal preserving a variety of the points of view with a prevalence of essential change of social needs of users under influence the Internet.


impact of the Internet; social needs; social networks; information society; new opportunities and risks

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