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The results of research are carried out in the context of which the nature and grade of society involvement in process control of Federal state educational standards of primary and basic general education in educational organizations realization. The research included statistically true selection (17790 people) from 80 regions of Russian Federation including representatives of regulatory body of education performing state management in the sphere of education, the heads of educational organizations, teachers, parents (representatives in law). Theoretical concept of the research was based on the notion of social partnership as politological, sociological and economical phenomenon having the most important pedagogical effects. One of the intermediate results of the research was development of criteria-diagnostic basis for studying the grade of involvement of society in the process of realization of federal state educational standards management. The structure of basic criteria is evaluation of intensity and performance of parents’ participation and society in management and also its emotional-value evaluation. The results of the research demonstrated that meanings of the studied criteria are rather high. It may be considered basing on different evaluations that more than 60 % of parents (representatives in law) of students show influence on education content, its form and conditions of realization. More than 70-80 % of parents’ wishes (representatives in law) one way or another take into consideration while development of basic educational programs of educational organizations. At the same time some problems of such interaction is revealed. At the level of regions the developed infrastructure is missing (organizational, methodical or informational character) which could support the development of forms of state-social educational organizations management, not sufficient development of legal practice of accompaniment of the researched forms of interaction, vigilance and distrust of the participants. The necessity of infrastructural decisions at regional level is established. On the other hand, stimulation of educational organizations to this kind of cooperation is also important.


state and social institutes interaction; society involvement; educational organizations; heads; teachers; parents (representatives in law) of students; criteria of estimation and evaluation; federal state educational standard

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