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The role of museums in political-educational and agitation-and-propaganda activity of museums in Tambov province and Tambov region in 1920-1941-s of XX century is considered. After Russian revolution the museums had a task to participate in cultural and political education, in formation of Marx and Lenin’s world view among people. The the state’s policy making, included the museums in ideological task and lead to changes in the methods of building the museum expositions. In that period out of museum, agitation forms prevailed in work with people - lectures, mobile exhibitions, assigned to political companies. The exhibitions as a form of museum’s activity help antireligious propaganda, increased the knowledge level, inclusion to history and art, acquaintance with the funds of regional museums, sanitary and hygienic education of the region. Mobile exhibitions served the people living in distant regions of Tambov province, widening the geography of museum’s activity. The basic material of such exhibitions was prepared exhibit items, posters, battle-cry, brochures, which lead to decrease of the basic function of museums were selection, storage and exhibition of historical-cultural rarities. In 1920-1941 the auditory does not only widens but its social content changes. The different understanding of the museum, the process of museum activity widening, the ability to reach close connection with the society, increase of ideological influence of museums on the cultural life of Tambov are considered.


museum; political-educational establishment; ideological education of adults and children; museum expositions

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