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Modern system of physical education worldwide provides the formation and consolidation of the growing generation health, working capacity increase, formation of highly-moral qualities, spirits, strength and endurance, upbringing of healthy and happy students’ youth. The youth must not only be a well-educated person but also spiritually beautiful, physically prepared, hard. Physical training is an essential part of students’ life because it is an essential part of people’s culture, a sphere of vital needs satisfaction in physical activity, provides methods and means of strategic aim realization of harmonic personality formation - its physical improvement, it plays a very important role in the problem of development and rational use of free time decision. Patriotism has been always taking a special place in Russian society life, being a key problem of Russian nationhood making, its protection from external expense, national relations implementation and spiritual life. Patriotic upbringing is not possible without an example. During all the periods of our history the warriors were brought up on the example of feats of epic heroes and also real people, heroes who had been remembered during many years - grand prince Sviatoslav, Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin, Dmitry Pozharsky. The examples for the young people became famous commanders and sea captains A.V. Suvorov and M.I. Kutuzov, P.S. Nakhimov and F.F. Ushakov and many others. At the moment the complex “Ready for Labour and Defence” has not only become one of the means stimulating all-sided physical training of youth and adults, it is also a form due to which people systematically start doing sports. It is also a system that has a patriotic component. The complex “Ready for Labour and Defence” involved young people in mass physical training and gave them the ability to do elite sport, contributing to the development of Russian sport. Many outstanding sportsmen started their sports career by passing the norms of “Ready for Labour and Defence”. And the complex “Ready for Labour and Defence” is an important component of youth preparation for service in the forces of Russia.


students’ youth; mass sport; Physical Education lesson; patriotic upbringing; physical complex “Ready for Labour and Defence”

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Theory and methods of physical training education

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