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The results of the PE teachers’ opinion about peculiarities and the implementation of All-Russian health and fitness complex “Ready for Labour and Defense” basing on the example of Belgorod region are presented. The analysis was made to collect the data of special scientific literature and to interrogate PE teachers in the type of a talk. The teachers answered 10 basic questions. 108 teachers from country and city comprehensive schools of Belgorod region in 2016 were interrogated. During the research some peculiarities of PE teachers’ opinion about the need of changes in physical training of higher grade students to correspond the needs of Ready for Labour and Defense complex of V stage, the implementation of specific physical exercises, methods of development of physical abilities, the reduction of physical training time for students’ testing are discussed. The peculiarities of the methods and means used for physical training of students of higher grade to pass the norms of Ready for Labour and Defense complex, the amount of time, which teachers give during PE lessons and also remarks and proposals about the improvement of complex ready for Labour and Defense implementation in general educational organizations are considered. The typical drawbacks, factors, making more difficult the process the process of Ready for Labour and Defense complex implementation in schools are studied. The collected data are published for the first time. They can be valuable in the process of Ready for Labour and Defense complex implementation in general educational institutions of Russia, correction and improvement of separate events in the process of preparation and acceptance of norms and requirements of Ready for Labour and Defense complex among higher grades students, meeting the requirements of V stage of Ready for Labour and Defense complex and also the planning of future tactics and strategy of students’ physical preparation.


Ready for Labour and Defense complex; interrogation; teachers; schools; V stage

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1. Manankov N.E. Pedagogicheskoe vozdeystvie kak sredstvo podgotovki uchashcheysya molodezhi k vypolneniyu norm ІІІ–ІV stupeni kompleksa GTO [Pedagogical influence as a mean of preparation student youth to accomplishments of Ready for Labour and Defence complex of ІІІ–ІV stages]. Dissertatsiya ... kandidata pedagogicheskikh nauk. Moscow, 1982. (In Russian). 2. Prisyazhnyuk D.S. Kriterii funktsional'noy otsenki urovnya podgotovlennosti organizma yunoshey i devushek k vypolneniyu norm kompleksa GTO І stupeni [Criteria of functional estimation of the level of preparation of young men and girls’ organism to accomplishment Ready for Labour and Defence complex]. Dissertatsiya ... kandidata pedagogicheskikh nauk. Kiev, 1984. (In Russian). 3. Uvarov V.A. Eksperimental'noe obosnovanie soderzhaniya i urovney norm І stupeni Vsesoyuznogo fizkul'turnogo kompleksa “Gotov k trudu i oborone SSSR” [Experimental foundation of content and level of norms of I grade of All-Union physical complex “Ready for Labour and Defence USSR”]. Dissertatsiya ... kandidata pedagogicheskikh nauk. Moscow, 1973. (In Russian). 4. Mareskina G.A. Metodika podgotovki mladshikh shkol'nikov k vypolneniyu norm kompleksa GTO [Methods of preparation of junior schoolchildren to accomplishment of Ready for Labour and Defence complex norms]. Dissertatsiya ... kandidata pedagogicheskikh nauk. Moscow, 1983. (In Russian). 5. Chub A.V. Eksperimental'noe obosnovanie sredstv i metodov podgotovki yunoshey 16–18 let po Vsesoyuznomu fizkul'turnomu kompleksu “Gotov k trudu i oborone SSSR” (na primere srednikh spetsial'nykh uchebnykh zavedeniy) [Experimental foundation of the means of and methods of young men preparation of 16–18 years according to All-Union physical complex “Ready for Labour and Defence USSR” (basing on the example of specialized secondary school)]. Dissertatsiya ... kandidata pedagogicheskikh nauk Moscow, 1976. (In Russian). 6. Men'shikh O.E. Osobennosti fizicheskogo razvitiya shkol'nikov i studentov [Peculiarities of physical development of pupils and students]. Fizicheskoe vospitanie studentov – Physical Education of the Student, 2013, no. 6, pp. 50-53. (In Russian). 7. Maksimenko I.G., Osadchaya T.Yu. Sravnitel'naya kharakteristika printsipov postroeniya shkol'nykh programm po fizicheskomu vospitaniyu v SShA, Ukraine i Rossii [Comparative characteristics of the principles of building school curriculum on PE in the USA, Ukraine and Russia]. Materialy 8 Mezhdunarodnoy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii “Sportivnye igry v fizicheskom vospitanii, rekreatsii i sporte” [Materials of 8 International scientific-practical conference “Sport games in physical education, leisure and sport”]. Smolensk, 2014, pp. 311-313. (In Russian). 8. Vnedrenie Vserossiyskogo fizkul'turno-sportivnogo kompleksa “Gotov k trudu i oborone” v obrazovatel'nykh organizatsiyakh [Introduction of All-Russian physical-sportive complex “Ready for Labour and Defence” in educational organizations], compilers A.V. Voronkov, V.N. Irkhin, P.P. Kondratenko et al. Belgorod, 2015. (In Russian).



Section of issue

Theory and methods of physical training education

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