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Romanian-Russian political and diplomatic relations after the end of the “cold war”: from ambivalence to tension


The evolution of bilateral relations between Romania and Russia after the “cold war”, as well as the factors that have influenced the dynamics of these relations in the last two decades are examined. In this study, a complex theoretical and empirical research methods, analyzing the evolution of Romanian-Russian relations in the new security architecture that is continually changing after the end of the “cold war” is used. Romanian-Russian relations are now correlated with the dynamics that exist in the world, and therefore sometimes tension occurs. This dynamic is a result of historic and geopolitical factors. All research is based on the principle of objectivity, since it was possible to study in detail the issues of foreign policy of the two countries and the evolution of Romanian-Russian relations in terms of the processes taking place in the international arena. Particular emphasis is placed on the changes in the positions of Romania and Russia in terms of partnership activation and it mitigates the “cold” climate in bilateral relations. In addition, “unresolved issues” of the Romanian-Russian relations are defined and their gradual normalization is examined, which is a slow process because of the mutual hostile perceptions and political allegedly incompatible national interests.


Romania; Russia; bilateral relations; national interests; “historical problems”; mutual distrust

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Foreign countries’ history

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