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The interaction of stochastic elements with number content-methodological line of school course of Mathematics


The inclusion of stochastic elements into the structure of school Mathematics has divided teachers and methodologists into two “camps”. Some believe that the elements of the stochastic need to be studied directly in Mathematics lessons, but within the individual topics of school textbooks and at the end of the school year. Others have positioned the inclusion of stochastic elements in the form of electives or elective courses, explaining that there is the grip of school time and within school curricula. In this regard the methodology of teaching Mathematics is no single approach to sequence learning stochastic concepts and no single methodology the introduction of these concepts. At this stage every author outlines their methodology, mostly based on the methodology of teaching of probability theory and mathematical statistics at the University. In this regard the stochastic elements stand apart from the substantial-methodical lines of the course of Mathematics, which gradually formed, developed and interacted between themselves. We have shown that to overcome the “alienation” of the stochastic elements from “traditional” school Mathematics is possible, if you include their study in every section of the program. Certain examples of interaction of elements of the stochastic numerical content and methodical line of a school course of Mathematics are considered. It is shown that the stochastic elements can not only be organically included in the structure of Mathematics, but also with its means to strengthen intra-subject connection.


elements of stochastics; statistic data presentation; intra-subject communication of school course of Mathematics; coherent and integrative approach

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Theory and methods of mathematic teaching

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