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The actualization of professional competences of teachers at children’s art schools as part of the creation of educational and methodical complex of the curriculum in the field of fine arts


The issues of improving the competences required for a successful professional activity of an art teacher implementing additional educational programs in the field of fine arts and creating an educational and methodical complex of a specific subject are discussed. The legislative basis of the reform of educational system at children’s schools of arts, especially their curricula is studied. The competences of arts teachers required to implement pre-professional and general developmental programs are analyzed. For the first time the academic study considers the issues of applying professional competences to create educational and methodical complexes for these programs, as well as the differentiation of teaching materials based on a specific curriculum’s goals. The problems of modern art education, e. g.: the preservation of traditions and the best practices of teaching systems of the masters of Russian art school, and the necessary implementation of modern technologies and approaches in the educational process are analyzed. The importance of improving the competences of teachers, which stems from the necessity to create educational and methodical complexes for all academic subjects in the curriculum at children’s fine art schools and art departments of children’s schools of arts is discussed. It is stated that the basis for improvement of the abovementioned consists in the loyalty to professional traditions, flexibility in solving professional problems, and cooperation with other professionals in this field.


educational-methodical complex; educational subject; additional pre-professional and general developmental programs; children’s art schools; children’s fine art schools; teacher of fine arts; competence

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Professional’s competence

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