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Historical aspects of program-methodological support formation of ballet-artists’ preparation in dance schools


Historical aspects of ballet education development are considered. The role of Peter the Great the reformer of cultural life of Russia is marked, as he introduced music and dance in Russian society everyday life. His revolutionary decree of assemblies obliged all state institutions to teach ball dance obligatorily. These reformations made the post of dancing-master very hard to reach. The performances of ballet companies, musicians and opera singers, who were invited from abroad, were held in palace halls. The first school of ballet art was organized. The history of Russian ballet saves in memory the names of Ch. Didelot, M. Petipa, A. Saint-Leon, S. Diaghilev, M. Fomin and many other masters of dance art, who made a great input in the formation of Russian choreography. The peculiarities of program-methodological support of ballet education in different historical periods are revealed. The archive materials of Saint-Petersburg Theatre School and Moscow Emperor’s Theatre Academy, establishing the system of ballet professional education: criteria and order of admission, principles and content of educational work and etc. The idea of graded (additive) preparation of ballet artists as organizational form of education, integrating general-theoretical and special (performance, pedagogic, choreographic) preparation is founded. The federal state educational standards of secondary vocational education in the sphere of choreography are analyzed. The organizational-structural formations in the system of ballet dancers’ preparation are revealed.


ballet dancer’s preparation; ballet pedagogy; school; theatre school; decree; training college; dance school; choreography education; methodological support; state standards; curriculum; educational programs

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History of pedagogical education

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