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Manufacturing entrepreneurship of Aseev merchants in Tambov province


The biography and features of business ethics of a major Russian merchant, industrialist, public figure, philanthropist Mikhail Vasilyevich Aseev is recreated. The relevance of the topic is determined by the historical significance of the regional business elite of Tambov province, which in the late XIXth and early XXth centuries laid the foundations for the development of new forms of rationalization in agriculture and industry. The diverse activities of the genus Aseevs are represented in the general context of the development of capitalist relations in the domestic industry. The history of the entrepreneurial dynasty of M.V. Aseev is examined, the features of setting up its industrial economy in Tambov province, questions of patronage and philanthropy of the factory owner are studied. Based on work with published and archival documents, it was established that the basis for the successful entrepreneurial detail of the merchant was the availability of a serious raw material base, planned technical and technological modernization of the economy, a broad market for the sale of products, close cooperation with bank capital. Aseev’s business had a significant socio-cultural effect, which was expressed in the development of new forms of labor relations, the construction of a socially-oriented infrastructure, the formation of a system of material support for the population of factory districts. The charity of the owner caused a wide public resonance, served as a basis for increasing the social status of the merchant.


M.V. Aseev; entrepreneurship; cloth industry; charity; Tambov province

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