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Aesthetic education of future teachers in higher educational institution


A relevant issue of future technology teachers’ aesthetic education in vocational training in the university is considered. It is shown that the purpose of aesthetic education is the development of their intellectual, spiritual, moral, artistic and creative potential, as well as the development of aesthetic taste and aesthetic ideal when using wide opportunities for students to master various types of artistic and aesthetic activity. Artistic and creative activities, which have a greater impact on the process of aesthetic education, are considered. The importance of artistic and creative activity in the formation of aesthetic activity of the individual is noted. The dynamics of the development of aesthetic education reveals that the acquired skills and practical aesthetic skills are increasing at each stage of vocational training of future technology teachers in the conditions of studying and realizing various types of artistic and creative activity. The mechanism of aesthetic education is realized as an achievement of the goal of professional training of future technology teachers through the creation of special conditions for a unified artistic and aesthetic educational environment in which teachers engage students in the process of creative activity and encourage them to choose and make independent decisions in their creative work. It is shown that the artistic and aesthetic educational environment through discussions and thematic conferences on art, in particular, on arts and crafts, folk crafts, art crafts, contributes to the aesthetic education of future technology teachers. The need to study the disciplines on arts and crafts, the theory and history of design, morphology in technological design, as well as the development of artistic and creative expression in artistic and creative activities aimed at the aesthetic education of students - future technology teachers.


aesthetic education; future technology teacher; artistic and creative activity

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Pedagogy of higher school

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