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Technology of technical training of the athlete-dancer in ensemble performance formation


The experimental methods of technical preparation improvement of athlete-dancer in ensemble performance formation are considered. The notion “technical preparedness” of athlete-dancer - the degree of acquirement of the system of sport ball dance movements, the degree of development of motive qualities, corresponding to performance peculiarities in formation of Latin-American and West-European Programs aimed at achievement of high sport results is analyzed. The tasks of the forming work are defined. In generalized type the stages of experience-experimental work in improvement of technical preparedness of athlete-sportsman in ensemble performance formation are analyzed: organizational-constructive, diagnostic-analytical, control-correctional. The aim of organizational-constructive stage is the organization and planning of the lessons with the aim of instrumental skills of sport-dance activity skills. The aim of control-correctional stage is the completing couples and team in formation basing on diagnostic selection, the creation of conditions for development of individual-creative activity of sportsmen-dancers , qualified projection of training process, qualified and timely introduction of correction. The facilities and principles of general physical and special physical preparation, the methods of technical program for different age categories of sportsmen-dancers with different abilities of sportsmen-dancers, pedagogic view, psychological trainings and methods.


technical preparation improvement; technical preparation; athlete-dancer; formation team; sport ball dance

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Theory and methods of sociocultural activity organization

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