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Construction of hydrosystem on the river Tsna with the prisoners of war in Tambov camps in 1944–1953


The issue of the use of prisoners of war in the construction of hydroconstructions along the river Tsna during the Great Patriotic War and the first post-war years is considered. The basis for this large-scale construction was the plan of the government of the USSR to develop navigation on small rivers of the country. For this work in Tambov region, both prisoners of war and civilians were involved. Work was conducted in difficult weather conditions, often in cold water. The authorities of the Tsninstroy obviously paid little attention to the working and living conditions of prisoners of war, which led to their malnutrition, mass diseases and even mortality. Control of camp management was carried out constantly, but could not solve all problems. The production planning targets were imposed on the leadership of the camps, which prevented them from radical improvement of the living conditions of prisoners of war and make Tsninstroy improve conditions of life of prisoners of war. Nevertheless, by 1949 the bulk of the work had been completed and the entire hydrosystem on to the Tsna was put into operation, having played a large role in the further development of the economy of the Tambov region.


camp; prisoners of war; labor; dam; river; protection

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