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The representatives of public thought about monarchical power in 18th century: S.N. Glinka about Peter the Great


The views of the Russian conservatives of the first quarter of the 19th century on the life and reforms of Peter I are not fully understood. The views of publicist S.N. Glinka about Peter the Great are considered. The problem of monarchical power in a new way is revealed. The biography of S.N. Glinka is considered in detail in the context of the formation of his conservative views. It is proved that the image of Peter I appears in the works of S.N. Glinka since 1794. Based on a detailed analysis of sources and historiography, it is justified that S.N. Glinka considered Peter I as a conservative, defending ancient manners, customs and religion. It is found out that the publicist praised Peter I under the influence of the ideas of enlightened absolutism and the “Petrine legend” of the second half of the 18th century. The idea is proved that in S.N. Glinka’s opinion Catherine II appears as the successor of Peter I in the matter of reforming Russia. The conclusion is made that S.N. Glinka’s Peter I did not shy away from ordinary peasants. It is established that the publicist tried to show Peter I not as a pupil, but as a teacher of European peoples. It is shown that much attention was paid to Peter I in the first issue of “Russkiy Vestnik”. Publicist’s silence on the unsightly whims of Peter I are analyzed. It is stated that S.N. Glinka hinted at the harm of foreign educators who appeared under Peter I. The reformer seemed to him a traditionalist, who strove to consolidate and extend the old-Moscow customs. It is proved that it was consistent with the state-patriotic propaganda of “Russkiy Vestnik” in full.


public thought; S.N. Glinka; Peter the Great; “Russkiy Vestnik”; Patriotic War of 1812; Catherine II

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