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Work and Salary Level of the Typical Resident of the Tambov Region


In article authors proved that consideration of dependence of production efficiency on work only within in-crease in labor productivity and creation of high-performance jobs represents the simplified approach in vision of this problem, disregarding all its multicomplexity. The modern technique of Rosstat according to work relies on average sizes of indicators of work that does not allow objectively and scientifically precisely to make this assessment. Besides, some important indicators of work modern statistics does not consider, for example, indicators of labor input of production at all. Authors made an assessment of work and level of the salary of the typical resident of the Tambov region, both on the basis of the analysis of the available statistical data, and by means of holding poll; proved that rather low production efficiency and high labor input of production in the Tambov region in many respects promotes maintenance of low level of the salary and unemployment in the region; showed that it is possible to develop the effective system of measures for the solution of many social and economic problems of the region and country only on the basis of complex assessment of work and level of the salary.


Work, labor productivity, salary, worker, region

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331; 332.1




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Regional economy development

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