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Regional Universities and Their Influence on Development of the Region


Processes of globalization have significant effect on all spheres of life of society, changes are not only in education in general, but also in the separate universities, in particular, regional. The higher education system, now, has to conform completely to the international standards, have an opportunity to compete adequately at education market, to maintain the prestige value and appeal to entrants, including, foreign. In article the author considered features of entry of the regional universities into world educational space and also an economic component of functioning of higher education institutions and ways of their financing. Today, the regional universities generate knowledge of many directions in themselves and realize intellectual potential of the region. In its turn, irrespective of other sources of financing, the regional government actively supports activity of higher education institutions. The universities do not only set the task training of highly qualified personnel, but also the help in their further employment. Thus, educational institutions are not only interested in cooperation with other higher education institutions, but also with authorities, enterprises and corporations which are in search of new employees. Consideration and the analysis of the higher school of regions is relevant as the universities have significant effect on functioning of the region and also, in the set, on intellectual potential of the country.


Education, regional university, globalization, economy, region

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Problems of Modern Society

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