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The cinematography of the novel “Sasha, hello!” Dmitry Danilov


The implementation of aspects of literary cinematography in Dmitry Danilov’s novel “Sasha, hello!”, which was analyzed using contextual, structuralist methods, the method of holistic analysis of a literary text, is considered. For the analysis, the concepts of “literary cinematography”, “audiovisuality”, “edit”, “plot”, “chronotope”, “eye” and “look”, “image of the author”, “reader-viewer” are used, the specifics of cinema as a fact of culture. It is substantiated that literary and cinematic codes are intertwined within the framework of this work. The specificity of the implementation of the principle of audiovisuality in the text is considered. It is revealed that the text is built according to the assembly principle. To construct the plot, the writer uses, among other things, emphatically cinematic plot. At the same time, the emphasized visibility of history, the orientation towards the creation of visible spaces allows the writer to create a specific absurdist narrative. The use of the vocabulary of the “Kino” group and the inclusion of the image of the author in the form of a conditional director-screenwriter transform the very status of a literary text. This makes it possible to present a literary work as an analogue of a motion picture, while actualizing the interactive moment, including the reader-viewer in the unfolding of the text. The materials of the study and its conclusions can be used not only to analyze other works by D. Danilov, but also in the analysis of modern domestic and world literature in the context of literary cinematography and the relationship between literature and cinema.


Dmitry Danilov, literary cinematography, edit, audiovisuality, space, chronotope, point of view, image of the author

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Russian literature and literature of peoples of russian federation

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