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The sovereignty of both the qualitative characteristics of the Russian statehood: the ability to implement independent and integrated foreign and domestic policy are considered. Sovereignty remains an important constitutional principle and basis of international laws, but not as an exclusive privilege, duty and obligation of the state to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Speaking about the independence and autonomy of the authorities of the state, its territorial integrity, its own jurisdiction and legal system we should recognize that these are the elements of state sovereignty. In the framework of its consolidation, a set of measures in the sphere of legal regulation, ways and means of ensuring its protection and territorial validity, the eradication of separatist sentiments, the strengthening of the supreme authority in the entire territory of the Russian Federation are assumed. Particularly the problem of terrorism in modern conditions, interpreted the basic provisions of the National security concept of the Russian Federation in terms of ensuring state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. The security of the state, above all, must grow out of the consolidation of the socio-political sphere, these forces should be included in the process of strengthening economic, educational, cultural and spiritual spheres of life. Interstate integration processes, as evident from the external and internal policy of states, aims to ensure that existing legitimate means to strengthen state sovereignty. And the success of these processes is directly dependent on consolidated measures for the prevention and elimination of negative challenges. First of all, states must protect the information space, develop measures to step up the pace in the development of eco-economy, strengthen the patriotic spirit of the nation.


sovereignty; qualitative characteristics; strengthening of the statehood; integrity of state

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