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The provisions of the Code of Administrative Court Proceedings of the Russian Federation, which provide the principles of independence and the administration of justice only by the court, guaranteeing the legality in administrative proceedings are examined. The court in administrative proceedings assigns the role of not a passive observer, only creating the necessary conditions for the parties to fulfill their procedural duties and exercising their rights, it is the subject authorized to collect evidence. It is pointed that if the truth is not established as final aim of the administrative legal proceedings, then legal proceeding will have probabilistic nature and court judgment will be relatively legal, founded and fair. It is noted that non-interference in the activities of the judicial system is the most important guarantee of the independence of judges in administrative court proceedings. A carried out analysis of the notion of justice and its characteristics allows us to conclude that the principle of the administration of justice by the court alone can rightfully be considered the primary principle of justice. At the same time, it should be born in mind that it seems necessary to fix the principle of the administration of justice in the Code of Administrative Court Proceedings of the Russian Federation only by the court as one of the judicial principles of administrative court proceedings.


principle of independence; administrative proceedings; justice; court; law; administration of justice only by the court; conscientiousness; truth

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Procedural law

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