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According to the current situation in the Russian proceedings, the introduction of arbitration and mediation in Russia by 2010 began to decline, and the arbitration proceedings in Russia began to lose its relevance. The attention of the courts from arbitration proceedings in recent years gradually began to shift towards mediation. In this regard, for successful development of the arbitration procedure was required for legislative initiatives managing the activities of arbitration courts through changes to existing legislation. The new regulation of the arbitration procedure contains a significant amount of changes and innovations: among them we can highlight the key points that affect the relationship between the participants of civil turnover. The changes in Russian legislation in the sphere of arbitration proceedings since the entry into force of the basic legislative acts regulating the matter are analyzed. It is concluded that the changed basic concepts used in the Law on arbitration, the procedure of establishment of permanent arbitration institutions are on a continuous basis to perform functions in the administration of arbitration and panel of arbitrators.


arbitration proceedings; arbitration agreement; commercial turnover

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1. Skvortsov O.Y., Savranskiy M.Y. (eds.). Kommentariy k Federal'nomu zakonu «Ob arbitrazhe (treteyskom razbiratel'stve) v Rossiyskoy Federatsii» (postateynyy, nauchno-prakticheskiy) [Commentary to “On Arbitration (Arbitration Proceedings) in the Russian Federation” Federal Law (Itemized, Scientific-Practical)]. Moscow, Statut Publ., 2016, 352 p. (In Russian). 2. Zhilina M. 1 sentyabrya – v treteyskiy sud po novym pravilam [On September 1 – the commercial court accepts new rules]. Arbitrazhnye spory [Arbitral Disputes], 2016, no. 3, pp. 143-154. (In Russian). 3. Eremenko V.I. Novaya sistema treteyskogo razbiratel'stva v Rossiyskoy Federatsii [New system of arbitration proceedings in the Russian Federation]. Zakonodatel'stvo i ekonomika [Legislation and Economy], 2017, no. 2, pp. 33-44. (In Russian).



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Procedural law

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