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The legal analysis of information-psychological influences of information is presented. The influence of information has many different characters which are subject to be controlled by the society, the state and entity authorities. So, there are various information conflicts, explicit or implicit provision by subjects of information about the destructive circumstances that affect the psychological state of society. We can see growing of the new sources of information influence with their own goals and interests, which generates informational conflicts. The three levels of information exposure are considered. A person’s ability to perceive the surrounding reality, to develop certain attitudes and beliefs, and make decisions in accordance with them is treated as the object of ensuring information and psychological impact on the individual level. At the group level of information and psychological impact we must distinguish from the effects of illegal influence, both from the state and from other groups. At the mass level it is necessary to ensure the protection of the interests of society, its traditions and practices and the protection of security in general. The threat of mass consciousness can be expressed in a forcible imposition of other interests, values, and could lead to moral destruction of society and its health.


information influences; stages of mechanism of right regulation; psychosphere

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