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The scientific basis of detection of papillary patterns deposits, which includes the structure of human skin as the main deposit forming surface, the composition of sweat and grease substance secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, the mechanism and conditions of deposit formation are considered. The mechanism of negative sweat and grease deposits formation is described in detail. Physicochemical methods of papillary patterns deposits detection as fumigation vapors of iodine and the use of esters of cyanoacrylate and chemical methods of deposits detection of fingers, with solutions of ninhydrin, silver nitrate are discussed. It is noted noted that when the touch is weak, sweat and grease substance may be transported on the deposit perceiving surface only with more protruding pieces of papillary lines. On this basis it is emphasized that the pattern in this case appears in the form of points and steep lines, making it difficult to examine. It is concluded that the sweat and grease deposits formation of papillary patterns are affected by a significant number of factors. Depending on the specific conditions of deposit forming to enhance the subtle and unseen sweat and grease prints different methods are used: physical, physico-chemical and chemical.


identification; papillary pattern; forensic deposits; forensic expert examination; mechanism of negative sweat and grease deposits formation

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343.983.3; 343.983.4




1. Dontsova Y.A, Kapitanov V.E. Davnost' sledov ruk i optimal'nye sposoby obnaruzheniya sledov ruk razlichnoy davnosti na razlichnykh poverkhnostyakh [Prescription of Hands Traces and Best Methods for Hands Traces Detection at Different Stages of Prescription on Different Surfaces]. Moscow, Criminal Expertise Centre of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Russia, 2008, 32 p. (In Russian). 2. Kornoukhov V.E., Yaroslav Y.Y., Yarovenko T.V. Daktiloskopicheskaya ekspertiza: sovremennoe sostoyanie i perspektivy razvitiya [Dactyloscopic Expert Examination: Modern State and Development Prospects]. Moscow, Norma Publ., Infra-M Publ., 2011, 320 p. (In Russian).



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Review of legislative and law-enforcement practice

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