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The ideal of church-state relations in the conservative legal ideology in Russia is analyzed. The study is focused on of the idea of the symphony in the work of Russian conservatives. Based on the works of Russian conservatives, sources of Russian law and practice materials the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the essence of the symphony of church and state authorities are shown. It is concluded that the symphony of power is not simply the separation of church and state, but also their mutual support and cooperation, defined whenever the concrete historical circumstances. So the symphony of church and state cannot be determined in a formal logical form as a kind of formula of relations between the two authorities. The importance of independent and autonomous of the church as the guarantor of the state from slipping into totalitarianism is argued. As one of the theses the proposition that the conservative intentions still have an impact on the relationship between church and state in Russia through the archetypes of national consciousness and political traditions is proved.


church; state; symphony; caesaropapism; papocaesarism; Orthodoxy

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General theory and history of law and the state

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