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Students’ intellectual culture: diagnostics of development level


The diagnostical stage results of the research of the university students’ intellectual culture formedness are presented. The research with 126 respondents was carried out on the base of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin. The analysis of students’ intellectual culture formedness was carried out on the basis of chosen criteria and corresponding indices: motivation to intellectual development and self-realization criteria (indices: orientation on intellectual development and self-development, openness to new knowledge and experience, perceptibility to stimulating influence in the direction of intellectual development); meaningful activity abilities to the solution of intellectual tasks criteria (indices: presence of knowledge and experience of solving intellectual tasks, logical thinking formedness, students’ intellectual self-direction); creative abilities realization in intellectual development (indices: creative activity in intellectual work, individual creative position, creative self-improvement). Detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of received experimental data is given. Problem areas of researched type of culture are identified. Criterial characteristics of adaptive, reproductive and creative levels of university students’ research culture formedness is presented.


intellectual culture; student; ascertaining experiment; criteria and indices; levels; diagnostics

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Pedagogy of higher school

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