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Historical preconditions of the development and formation of sports conflictology


In the development of modern society, the growing interest in conflict and conflictology is known, which has several grounds for it. An important feature of modernity is the increase in the number of conflicts that arise in various spheres of social interaction. The main signs of the emergence and manifestation of the conflict is the lack of mutual understanding between people, various forms of violence, aggression, terrorist acts, the presence of people in uncertainty in the future, fear of the future, the very problem of conflict in real life becomes more complicated, which leads to the relevance and importance of studying this phenomenon. We present a retrospective analysis of many researches, which examine the stages of development and formation of conflictology as an independent science, and sports conflictology as one of the emerging sectors of conflictology as a whole. It should be noted that the results of the theoretical study provide an opportunity to identify the prerequisites for the formation of the sports conflictology, which in turn allows approaching the study and the resolution of the conflict in sports overall and multi-disciplinary. Since conflictology is considered as interdisciplinary science, where large numbers of scientific disciplines studies the issue of conflict, as it is a universal phenomenon.


conflict; conflictology; sports conflictology; sports; prerequisites; formation; development

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Theory and methods of physical training teaching

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