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Investigation of mechanisms of coordination of interests of participants of corporate relations (on example of industrial corporations of Tambov region)


Unexplored in sociology management problem resolving social interactions of participants of corporate relations is considered. Attention is drawn to the root cause of corporate conflicts – the institutional failure of corporate governance, which is manifested in the contradiction between the need to correct, to the interests of participants of corporate relations and the possibilities of its implementation in practice of corporate governance. Projects for interest conflict regulation are considered such as establishment of trust in corporate governance; legislative strengthening placement priority of interests among stakeholders and participants in corporate governance; radical restructuring of the structure and mechanisms of management in corporations; the use of methods for calculating the level of corporate governance and alignment of interests of participants of corporate relations. On the example of the average industrial corporations of the Tambov region formal and informal mechanisms to harmonize the interests of participants of corporate relations are analyzed. The factors affecting the development, adoption and enforcement of legislation and regulations are considered. Value of internal documents detailing the legislation in a particular company is estimated. The value of corporate interactions semi-formalized documents, contracts and proposed rules to enforce them, is noted. The role of informal norms of harmonization of interests of participants and corporate governance such as personal contacts, participation in elected bodies, use of membership in business associations are explored. The influence of the behavior of participants of corporate relations is characterized by motives. Concrete measures to enhance the effectiveness of corporate governance in the medium industrial corporations Tambov region is provided.


corporate governance; institutional failure of corporate governance; mechanisms of coordination; legislation; internal documents; contracts; motives; efficiency measures of corporate governance

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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