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Development of coordination abilities of young men involved in basketball at the stage of initial training


At the present stage of development, basketball as a team game is gaining more and more fans. Basketball is characterized by a large number of techniques performed in rapidly changing conditions. These circumstances confirm the relevance of the development of the coordination abilities of young basketball players. The methodology for developing the coordination abilities of basketball players involved in the initial training phase is presented. This technique consists of two blocks: 1 – aimed at the development of sleight of hand; 2 – on the correct work of the legs. Four tests were selected showing the level of development of coordination abilities. Tests were carried out at the beginning and at the end of the experiment in the control and experimental group. The data of the statistical processing of the results showed that the results of the experimental group were significantly higher in the three tests. Only in one test the reliability of the results was not confirmed. Thus, the conducted study proves that the introduction of exercises in the training process for the development of sleight of hand and the correct operation of the legs, can significantly increase the level of development of coordination abilities, and requires the finalization of exercises that contribute to the development of accuracy of hit shots from an average distance.


methodology; coordination abilities; exercises; technique; basketball

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Theory and methods of physical training teaching

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