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Role of the political and cultural educational centres in the peasant masses unification on the territory of Kursk province in 1920–1927s: peculiarities and first results


We study one of the most specific forms of work to build political and cultural educational centres in the peasant masses unification. That work was not directly connected with administrative and command methods. We analyze the stages, organization and means for the implementation of the Soviet campaign to strengthen the political education and cultural level centers in the cohesion of the peasant masses held in 1920–1927s. We make a comparison of educational work in the centers of political education with ideological aspects that allows us to trace the dynamics of the Soviet power interaction with the population of the province in the peasant masses formation and consolidation around the Soviet government. We describe the legal formation of the political education centers on the Kursk province territory. During the socialist construction the Council of People’s Commissars adopted a Decree “On cultural and educational work in the village”. The main purpose was to attract as many peasant workers as possible in the country, who were given the right to vote. The young Soviet state needed specialists of the cultural and political education to create a new management structure. In addition, there was a need for qualified personnel in the workplace, who could convey information to the masses. This material explains the basic prerequisites of the cultural and political construction centers, defines the main tasks of the proletariat in the cultural and political education in raising the cultural level of the masses. We consider the role of the mass political work centers in improving the activity of political education, which contributed to the governance of the state, introducing to the political life of the country in addressing the most important social issues of the village.


Kursk province; centres of mass political work; centres of political and cultural construction; cultural institutions; cultural and educational work; propaganda and educational work

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