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Theatre therapy technology in modern social rehabilitation


The technologies of theatre therapy in modern social rehabilitation are presented, the components of the pair of theatre system are revealed: game therapy; hospital clownery; psychodrama; psychomelodrama; satidrama; figurative psychodrama; pesso-therapy; psycho-gymnastics; “theatre of the oppressed”; forum theatre; “political theatre”; invisible theatre; theatre of memories; playback theatre; theatre of homeless artists or other unprotected categories; theatre of sports. It is noted that theatre therapy is extremely important for the social rehabilitation of children. We discuss some of the most outstanding achievements of the experimental technology theatre therapy in different countries: USA (project “Invisible People”); Greece; Russia (Project “Invizibl people” or “People Invisible”; All-Russian Festival of Special Theatres “ProTeatr”; project “Ariadne's Thread”; project “Touch-Ables”; “Theatre of Open-Hearted”; “ARTель inspiration”; “NeFoрмат”; “Speak Freely” (L.V. Soloveva)). It is indicated that by means of theatre therapy there is an improvement of skills of conscious action in the conditions of dramatic work, processes of self-knowledge in the context of development of emotional-strong-willed and intellectual-cognitive spheres of the personality are stimulated. The implementation of art therapy technologies in the modern practice of social rehabilitation is extremely relevant and in demand. That is why so important theoretical and methodological justification of formation and promising directions of development of these technologies, as well as creating the appropriate database information and methodological support that takes into account the latest advances in medical and psycho-pedagogical branches of scientific knowledge. Also important specialized programs for retraining and advanced training of social workers, taking into account innovative developments in the field of social rehabilitation, including technologies of theatre therapy.


social rehabilitation; theatre therapy; international experience; components of the theatre pair system

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Theory and methods of sociocultural activity organization

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