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Organization of pedagogical practice in the universities of culture and arts


We reflect specificity of the organization of pedagogical practice in the universities of culture and arts, where the fundamental elements of the structure of the organizational and pedagogical process are methodological approaches that form the system of organization of pedagogical practice in the field of choreographic art. We reveal the essence of synergetic, systemic, cybernetic, cultural, learner-centered, competence, innovative approaches, and also give the most important principles, conditions and forms of pedagogical practice in the universities of culture and arts, its functioning, development and interaction on the basis of methodological approaches. Presented organizational conditions of teaching practice at the university associated with the formation of professional and educational environment in the framework of the implementation of pedagogical practice in the field of culture and arts, which provide an opportunity to fully develop the creative potential of specialists in the field of choreography. We offer the authors’ concept of passing of pedagogical practice for the purpose of individual development of programs by each student. It also presents opportunities for rethinking the goals, objectives, principles, content, methods, tools and organizational forms of the process of teaching practice in accordance with the requirements of the modern social order and the concept of modernization of the educational system in Russia.


professional education; methodological approaches; pedagogical practice; choreographic art

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Theory and methods of sociocultural activity organization

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