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Administration of the Tambov Seminary in 1867–1884


A special role in the public life of the Tambov province was occupied by the seminary. Particular importance in its development was attached to the administrative structure, a prototype of which is the current organization of higher educational institutions. The election of the rector was held on an alternative basis. The collegial body of management was the pedagogical assembly from 1867–1884. A new phenomenon for this period the seminary functioning was the general assembly, which included pedagogical (membership of 6 years) and regulatory (membership of 3 years). The pedagogical assembly was held once a month. Regulatory – once a week. The decision was made by a majority of votes. This experience of introducing an elective element in the Tambov Seminary has had a useful influence on its activities. Unfortunately, not everywhere this practice led to positive results, which later seemed to be the reason for the abolition of this norm during the reforms of 1884, when it was decided that the Holy Synod nominate candidates for such important posts as rector and seminary inspector. It should be noted that similar reforms or “counter-reforms” carried out in the reign of Emperor Alexander III affected all educational institutions of the Russian Empire, including universities, where they toughened some norms of the university statute and, in particular, abolished the current provision according to which rector was elected for his post on an alternative basis.


Tambov Seminary; administrative structure; general assembly; regulatory assembly

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