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Social and pedagogical aspects of the formation of student potential as a personnel reserve


We present the social and pedagogical aspects of the formation of student potential as a personnel reserve. We reveal the functions and applied tasks of the social and pedagogical activity of the formation of student potential as a personnel which includes diagnostic, organizing, educating, developing, correcting, forming, prognostic components. We distinguish several typologies of the personnel reserve according to the type of activity, the speed of replacing posts, and the level of preparedness of a strategic and operational reserve. We study the student potential as a personnel reserve through an analysis of public opinion among full-time students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of Moscow and Tambov. The survey involved 220 full-time students. In addition to the survey, students were interviewed by the heads of various structural divisions and firms in order to find out their opinions on student employment and the formation of student potential as a personnel reserve. We indicate that in the process of formation of the personnel reserve a number of interrelated stages are distinguished: social and psychological study, selection of psychodiagnostic methods, psychodiagnostics and social and psychological prognosis.


student potential; personnel reserve; tasks of social and pedagogical activity; personnel potential; main interconnected stages

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Questions of social pedagogy and social work

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