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On the implementation of recreational activities in the context of social work


We indicate the main results of the empirical and experimental work aimed at exploring the possibilities of recreational activities for people aged forty-five to fifty-four years. The need to consider and study the needs of working age people for recreational activities is determined by the state request for improving the quality of life of the population and the motivation formation for a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this study was to identify and justify the needs of including an adult in physical educational and recreational activities. As a result of the survey among the respondents of the experimental group, the needs for recreational activities were identified, as well as the most popular form of recreational activities: classes in health groups. In addition, the priority types of classes are grouped by the types of prevailing physical activity: general health, forming the skills of a dynamic regimen or proper breathing; health-improving, developing compensatory mechanisms; specially developing, restoring utilitarian and professional motor skills. In resolutive part of the study we clarify the socially significant functions of physical education in the context of its development and application in the social work system.


physical activity; recreational activities; health group

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1. Zaytsev V.P., Ermakov S.S., Khagner-Derengovska M. Metodologiya rekreatsii v strukture obrazovatel’nogo prostranstva [Methodology of recreation in the structure of educational space]. Pedagogika, psikhologiya i mediko-biologicheskiye problemy fizicheskogo vospitaniya i sporta – Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, no. 1, pp. 58-65. (In Russian). 2. Gavrilov D.N., Malinin V.V., Savenko M.A. Dvigatel’naya aktivnost’ lyudey zrelogo vozrasta [Physical activity of mature age people]. Pozhiloy chelovek v sovremennom mire [Elderly Man in the Modern World]. St. Petersburg, LLC “IPK “KOSTA” Publ., 2008, 256 p. (In Russian). 3. Minnibayev T.S., Rapoport I.K., Chubarovskiy V.V., Savchuk O.A., Timoshenko K.T., Katenko S.V. Kompleksnaya otsenka sostoyaniya zdorov’ya studentov po rezul’tatam profilakticheskikh meditsinskikh osmotrov. Gruppy zdorov’ya [Comprehensive health assessment of the students based on the results of prophylactic health check-ups. Health groups]. Zdorov’ye naseleniya i sreda obitaniya – Public Health and Life Environment, 2014, no. 10 (259), pp. 16-18. (In Russian).



Section of issue

Questions of social pedagogy and social work

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