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The upbringing of the performance skills of the piano class students in contemporary conditions


We reveal the content of “performance skill” concept in the process of implementation of artistic and creative potential in the framework of initial piano training. Attention is paid to the ways of preparing the student for a concert performance, which are necessary for overcoming stage excitement. We analyze and highlight modern platforms and projects that affect the success rate of skill formation in children’s performance practice, taking into account different degrees of giftedness. The degree of performance success depends on the competent construction of educational work by the teacher, the complex development of individual abilities of the student. It is emphasized that the process of mastering performance skills is carried out in result of cognitive interests formation of the student depending on the creative abilities, as well as increasing the overall musical culture of the child. It is determined that the ability to convey the most effective own way of work interpretation is possible as a result of continuous public activity from the first steps of a young musician. We draw conclusion that it is necessary to create additional conditions for creative self-realization of students during the initial training in playing the instrument, in which the process of forming the studied skill can be more effective by developing separate leisure programs and including family music.


stage skill; concert performance; concert practice; primary school age

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Theory and methods of social and cultural activity organization

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