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Issues of jurisdiction of disputes for arbitration proceedings. Italian Republic’s legislation analysis


Economic turnover subjects’ disputes subordination issues to proceedings through non-state arbitration and the arbitration institutions competence to resolve specific disputes types are analyzed. The Italian Republic legislation and Italian arbitration institutions’ activities are investigated. The above-mentioned state is characterized by a sufficiently developed economy and a large trade turnover, which entails a large number of agreements between business entities both within the country and within the framework of international economic relations. Consequently, commercial arbitration, as a dispute resolution means, has a rich history and a high development level within the Italian legal system. The scope of commercial arbitration in Italy and the legal regulation of the disputes jurisdiction and the arbitration institutions’ competence are considered in detail. Conclusions are drawn about the features and problems in these legal and economic sectors.


commercial arbitration, disputes’ arbitration, arbitral court, jurisdiction, arbitrability of disputes, competence, Italian Republic

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Procedural law

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