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Regional printing of the second half of the 1940s as a mean of ideological bombardment of Soviet citizens (based on the materials of “Tambovskaya Pravda”)


We analyze the influence of the official ideology on the content of the local press. We show exactly how the influence of propaganda was reflected. Actually, it could not be otherwise, as the mass media were financed by the state. We provide examples of how the newspaper agitated, encouraged to act and dictated the only correct interpretation of certain events. At the same time, it is reflected how “Tambovskaya Pravda” became the last instance for ordinary Soviet citizens. In addition to the issues of the main regional newspaper of the 20th century, we use publications devoted to such topics as official propaganda. We note what significance the press had in the first post-war five-year plan. In addition, the impact of the Cold War on the articles content in the newspaper “Tambovskaya Pravda” was analyzed. It is noted that the mass media had influence on the formation of the enemy image in the Soviet citizens minds. Characteristic words, formulaic slogans speak about the similarity of publications. It is worth noting how the newspaper pages note labor feats and vice versa, berated for the failure of the plan and laziness. On the basis of all this, we come to the conclusion that the print media contributed to the mythologization of authorities and the growth of faith in its infallibility.


print media; propaganda; USSR; mass media; “Tambovskaya Pravda”

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National history

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