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Social partnership at the stage of professional education of a teacher of social minded school


The subject of this research is the problem of social partnership, which determines modern social processes, interactions, and spaces. The priorities and standards of modern educational policy actualize its significance. The purpose of the work is to consider the professional education of the future teacher from the standpoint of social partnership and its design in the socially oriented space of a social minded school. Using the methods of dynamic and contextual analysis of the educational system, theoretical analysis of literature, review analysis of the experience of foreign countries (France, Finland, Germany, Poland): 1) the definition of “social partnership” is theoreti-cally formulated; 2) the concepts of “social minded school” and “socially oriented education” are substantively justified; 3) the social and educational components of these phenomena are noted, which allow them to become a unifying principle and a field of active social interaction between the state and society. We emphasize the practical importance of professional training of a future teacher for successful work in a new social minded school due to the wide possibilities of social partnership between the state, society and the interested civil community, as well as the resource opportunities and innovative potential of the university where future teacher studied.


social partnership; future teacher; professional education; social minded school; na-tional project “Education”

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Pedagogy of higher school

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