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Artistic image of a musical work as the main factor in the upbringing of a creative person in the process of development of performing skills of pianist students in children’s music school


We consider and examine the scientific essence of the category of artistic image as a special phenomenon necessary for the implementation of the author’s idea. The relevance of the research lies in the fact that there is a need to develop new pedagogical conditions for the successful development of performing skills using the modern repertoire. Attention is focused on the fact that the performance of musical works by modern composers is interesting to children, since they most accurately reflect the existing trends and directions of the world around them, and therefore the figurative sphere is not far-fetched, but natural and simple. Cycles of children’s plays by classical and modern composers are presented in a systematic form, and their analytical review is conducted. It is emphasized that the involvement of knowledge in the field of children’s cycles and individual plays by modern composers allows us to take a new look at the process of development of performing skills of primary school students. We substantiate and analyze the relationship between agogic deviations and technical skills in the process of implementing an artistic image during a concert performance. It is concluded that a complete bright and rich performance of the work is impossible without the emotional and aesthetic development of the student.


artistic image; modern composers; concert performance; collections of plays for children; primary school age

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Theory and methods of social and cultural activity organization

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