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Reading support as a direction of sociocultural activity


We consider the problem of reading support as one of the most relevant areas of sociocultural activity. The need for special measures to support reading is justified in connection with the growing trends in visualization and gamification of the cultural environment, and a decrease in interest in reading. Reading support is defined as a system of state, public and private initiatives to increase the value status of reading, stimulate reading activity, and develop the reading competence of all population groups. We analyze the Russian and foreign experience of state support for reading, including the publication of legislative acts, the adoption of special programs, and the creation of interdepartmental coordination structures. It is shown that at the state level, reading is considered in the context of functional literacy of the population as a resource for economic growth that allows citizens to actively participate in the life of the state. The history of development of public initiatives in Russia is traced – from the creation of private typographies to the activities of modern associations and foundations. Regional Reading Centers are highlighted as a special form. Conclusions are drawn about the prospects of attracting volunteers to implement projects to increase the availability of books and reading for people with disabilities. It is shown that currently reading support is becoming systematic and is implemented on the basis of social partnership of library, cultural and leisure, educational institutions and public associations.


sociocultural activity, reading; reading support programs; functional literacy; reading centers; volunteers

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Section of issue

Theory and methods of social and cultural activity organization

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