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Ivan Matyukhin and his detachment in the Tambov rebellion


The relevance of the work is due to the need for a scientific understanding of the phenomenon of peasant rebellion against Soviet power, and the largest of them, the Tambov rebellion, in the year of its centenary, to study motivation as its leaders, one of whom was I.S. Matyukhin and ordinary participants. The purpose of the study is to analyze the personality of Ivan Matyukhin and the soldiers of his detachment, as well as the main military operations in which they participated. When working on the study, such research methods were used as the study of archival data and memoirs, their analysis. The research was based on the data of the State Archives of the Tambov Region, the State Archive of the Social and Political History of the Tambov Region, the Russian State Military Archive, the memoirs of the participants in the events under study, as well as published scientific works. The scientific significance of the study lies in the systematization of information about Ivan Matyukhin’s detachment, the analysis of known archival documents and the introduction of new ones into scientific circulation. In the course of the study, the military operations of the Insurrectionary Army, in which the I.S. Matyukhin regiment took part, are analyzed, and the key role of his unit in especially significant operations was revealed. A social portrait of a member of his detachment is compiled – most often these are peasants, both wealthy and those related to the poor, for the most part who had experience in military operations. We prove the high level of support of the Matyukhin unit among local residents, skillfully organized intelligence and staff work.


revolution; Civil War; peasantry; rebellion; leaders

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